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Property Management

Westco is a full service property management company. They serve a geographic area in Central California from Bakersfield to Modesto. They have state of the art computer systems and software designed to deliver comprehensive, easy to read financial reports. Property owners are provided detailed, weekly reports showing the management of their properties. With the expertise in property management and construction services, Westco can provide proven cost control methods including preventative maintenance programs to reduce operating costs. Westco also offers aggressive, innovative marketing for it's properties.

Westco manages a diversified portfolio of
properties including the following:

They are a proven management team serving the Central Valley for many years.


  • Aggressive, innovative marketing techniques
  • All marketing methods are analyzed on a cost-effective basis
  • Comprehensive detail and analysis from point of sale to media used


  • Completely computerized accounting and reporting system
  • Detailed, timely monthly financial reports
  • Preparation of specialized reports including escalation billings; C.A.M. reconciliation; 1099's, and payroll reports
  • Professional multi-user software

Cost Control

  • Preventive maintenance program to reduce operating costs
  • Proven cost control methods and procedures
  • Competitive bidding on all large expenditures on all units and common services


  • Preventive maintenance program to reduce operating costs
  • Proven cost control methods and procedures
  • Competitive bidding on all large expenditures on all units and common services


  • Thorough weekly physical inspections and written inspection reports
  • Detailed weekly traffic/vacancy/unit condition/rent collection reports
  • Data base monitoring of rental/lease data


  • Competitive pricing on labor and material saves client's money
  • Same day response capability and weekend/night emergency availability
  • Expertise in major rehab projects and fire restoration work
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  • We provide rent collection and accounting for those rents collected.
  • We serve appropriate notices for late payment, non-payment, notices to perform, etc. and work with local attorneys for disputes and unlawful detainer actions.
  • Our staff of management professionals handle move-in and move-out paper work, scheduling turn over related maintenance and preparing move-out forms such as the Itemized Disposition of Security Deposit in a timely manner based on the timelines of the State of California.

HOA services for Property Management

For financial reporting, Westco utilizes the Yardi Voyager property management software, a generally universally accepted property management software program. Yardi provides a multifaceted platform that can create customized financial reports for residential income properties, HOA’s and commercial projects. Yardi software offers the ability to monitor and record day to day income transactions as well as maintenance requests, tenant payments and many other activities and reports. Through Yardi, we are able to customize many reports to meet our individual property owner’s needs. Detailed monthly income and expense reports are provided at all Westco clients via email or US mail.

All accounting transactions are electronically archived in Yardi and DocuXploror software. Beyond those services, Westco staff offers weekly activity reports showing rental collections to date, current vacant units, any delinquent rents, vacant apartments and visitor traffic reports. These reports can be emailed to the client offering a weekly snapshot of their property.